On the eve of the Monegasque start, which marks the start of the 2020 Rally World Championship, L2MS Management officialises a dedicated agreement, for the whole season, signed with the driver Ermanno Dionisio and with Team Italy Motorsport, the technical structure with operational base in Manerba del Garda (BS) which will manage the brand new Dacia Sandero R4kit with the support of the Sporting Director entrusted to the expert Aldo Malchiodi.
The car, created for the FIA Rally2 kit – making its debut in the World Championship – was designed and built by the catalan factory ASM Motorsport led by Alex Sabater and will be managed throughout the 2020 season – both in Italy and abroad – by Team Italy.
In charge of the absolute debut on the world stage, Ermanno Dionisio, driver of undisputed experience, and the trusted co-driver Fabio Grimaldi are ready to Rallye Montecarlo.
The contribution of the recce crew, Luca Bottarelli and Andrea Spinoni, will therefore be very important, as they will pass in advance on the Special Stages to verify and correct the pace notes written by the crew in the reconnaissance carried out on the past days and to provide the team with all the necessary information for the optimal choice of Pirelli tyres that will fit the car.
Pending the first chronometric test results, Team Italy Motorsport still wants to thank Sponsors and Partners who will support the 2020 racing season.

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