Test session in view of the ACI MONZA RALLY on the roads of the Vigezzo Valley (VB) Italy.

On the two days of 14 and 15, for the development and setup in view of the WRC Monza in the next few days.

Important reference Teams of WRC RALLY3 alternated on the Vasca-Bliz and Val Loana tracks.

On the first day, in fact, Andrea Crugnola and Pietro Ometto took turns driving with the Hyundai i20 of the Estonian team RedGray and the French crew Yoan Rossel and J.J. Renucci bearer of the Citroen Saintéloc team, in fighting for the WRC3 world title.

On the second day of testing joined the crews Stefano Albertini and Danilo Fappani, with the second Hyundai i20 of the Estonian team RedGray, and the crew Gregory MunsterLouis Louka with the Hyundai i20 of the Polish team Kowax 2B Racing.

The tests were managed by L2MS Management and BMP Program Service.