L2MSmanagement is a brand that manages athletes and sponsors and organizes extra-ordinary, unique events with a strong communicative impact.
Currently traditional advertising has lost, for reasons linked to the communicative disorder and the awareness of the final consumer, a lot of incisiveness, consequently partnerships and sponsorships prove to be very successful tools to involve a wide and transversal audience, going to win the public right where his passions are found.

L2MS management studies focus the positioning of the Brand partners, realizing later winning projects linked to positive results in the sports field; more in detail in motorsport and in the communicative opportunities it creates.

From 2020 L2MS Management also takes care of the organization of test sessions for some of the most important reference teams on the international scene engaged in the continental and WRC Championship.
In involvement, it often happens that L2MS management is able to obtain co-branding with companies connected to the main one, realizing important benefits for the entire supply chain.

Communicating and transmitting emotions to the market is our target, applying our brand in motorsport is not relevant, if there is not a structured medium-long term program, which can also involve our stakeholders.

L2MSmanagement is the most original point of reference in creating, creatively, events, consulting and sponsorships that guide both companies in promoting their brand and athletes in their sponsorship search for their career.
L2MSmanagement is the acronym of “Laughing to Myself”, for us, accepting every challenge with great enthusiasm and the right dose of self-ironyis critical.