L2MS Management is a brand that manages Athletes and Sponsors mainly in the Motorsport sector, also dealing with their communication and image.
Currently, traditional advertising has lost a lot of incisiveness for reasons related to communication problems and awareness of the final consumer. Consequently, partnerships and sponsorships prove to be highly successful tools for involving a wide and transversal public, positioning themselves in the spaces created by the passions of the public.

Due to the evolution of the competitive scenario in every productive sector, communication and advertising have assumed an increasingly important and decisive role for the success or otherwise of a Company. However, the growing importance of communication has blurred the line that divides good and effective communication from superficial, and therefore ineffective, communication, also making traditional advertising less and less effective.

It is on this need that concerns each Brand, that our work is based, which associates the decennial knowledge of the world of Motorsport, in particular the rally one, with a careful, rational and detailed analysis of data and statistics, to be proposed to our Partners , to get the best communication package possible.

The management studies of L2MS are necessary to focus on the positioning of the Partner brand, realizing winning projects subsequently linked to positive results in the sports field; more in detail, in Motorsport and in the communication opportunities it generates. During the negotiations, L2MS Management is often able to plan co-branding with Companies connected to the main one, realizing important advantages for the entire chain that is generated.

Since 2020, L2MS Management has also been involved in organizing test sessions for some of the most important reference Teams on the international scene engaged in the Continental Championship and WRC.

L2MS Management is therefore an original point of reference in the creation, in a creative way, of consultancies, sponsorships and related events that guide Partner Companies in the promotion of their brand and Athletes in the selection of commercial agreements for their career.

Communicating and conveying emotions to the markets is our goal, applying our brand in Motorsport is not relevant if a structured medium-long term program is not implemented, which can also involve our stakeholders.
L2MS, an acronym for “Laughing to myself“, means for us that accepting every challenge with great enthusiasm and the right amount of self-irony is fundamental.